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Aluminium Enclosures

Specification of Standard Housings

Housing StyleDrawing No.Internal Volume (L)Depth Rating (m)Internal Dimensions
L x W x D (mm)
Thickness of Side Wall (mm)Weight in Air (kg)Weight in Water (kg)Drawing in PDF Format
Fox Box - Aluminium40041.4400220 x 110 x 609.04.00.8Al Fox Box
Billet Box - Aluminium40792.3200240 x 110 x 6010.05.51.2Al Billet Box
Battery Box - Aluminium408914.4100360 x 210 x 18016.023.00.5Al Battery Box

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Project details
  • Key Features: We offer pressure resistant Aluminium Enclosures. The smaller ones machined from a solid billet of Aluminium, the larger ones fabricated from plate.
  • Date: Current product line