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About Us

Mechanical Designs driven by Edward Bowes has its origins in the UK. In 1986 Edward started an Engineering Business that eventually employed six skilled staff. Half of the work undertaken was making components for Companies in the Offshore Industry; the rest was making, mending or modifying mechanical components for a diverse range of Companies. Many mechanical parts were brought in to the business because of a failure, often it was possible to understand why a device had failed. It was then possible to make improvements that gave increased reliability. Much of this work was required urgently to minimise downtime. To see some of the customers testimonials please click here or here.

In 2002 Edward used the experience gained in manufacture, problem solving and design to start a new Company – Sealed Enclosures Ltd. This was a niche business that evolved into a standard range of pressure resistant, plastic enclosures for housing electrical equipment subsea or in flood zones.
Projects that were far from a standard product include:
• Design and manufacture of a Spin Casting machine. This is a machine capable of hot casting thin wall Polyurethane parts up to 600mm diameter
• Design and manufacture of pressure resistant enclosures used in covert reconnaissance. Some of the devices carried by personnel and used for taking pictures others, very sophisticated Sonar devices for Military applications.
• Design, Manufacture a prototype and Testing of a device for nuclear De-commissioning. In a radioactive environment these devices have to be extremely reliable. The key steps in this process are ingenuity, simplicity and rigorous testing.
In 2005 Edward immigrated to Australia. Since then Sealed Enclosures has been positioned as a product line under Mechanical Designs. Thus we are now able to offer our experience to a wider range of customers. Please see the ‘Resources’ page to view the resources now offered by Mechanical Designs.