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At Mechanical Designs we can take the requirement for a mechanical device through to the fully tested pre-production prototype. Our resources to achieve these steps are:

  • Experience – Most important, much of this gained by understanding the failures of existing designs, learning what works and how it can be implemented in a cost effective and timely way.
  • Innovation – Often this involves having an open mind and not being constrained by too much conventional thought. Examples can be seen with the Corner Seal and the Infinitely Variable Speed Gearbox on the Projects Page.
  • Software – Our main design software is Creo Parametric (Formerly Pro/ENGINEER). The solid modeling is essential for gauging the interaction of mating parts in an assembly. At the optimising stage we use Mechanica for stress analysis. For pressure loads we have also created our own program and material library to quickly arrive at a thickness and weight for a given size, material and pressure.
  • Machinery – Can be seen here. The fact that we manufacture means firstly the design and drawings are already optimised for manufacture. The second benefit for the customer is that the responsibility for the whole process is held with Mechanical Designs. We are responsible for the solution from concept to pre-production prototype. No one else to blame!

For a project that will benefit from any of the above please use our contact page to make the first step.


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