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Sealed Enclosures

Back in 2002 a niche was identified for pressure resistant enclosures. The Sealed Enclosures website promoted a design and build service, making housings to order. Over a period of time it became clearer what were the more common requirments, from this a range of Rigid Polyurethane housings were developed to meet the needs of those puting equipment in flood zones or underwater with depths upto 70 meters.

Customers for these enclosures tend to be Military, Oceanographic or Oil and Gas. The picture shows the Sea Chest prepared for use as a juction box on and Oil Rig instalation. Back in 2003 this was the first of its kind and required a test to destruction to prove its capability. The Sea Chest pictured imploded at 58 bar, inline with our calculations and beyond the customers expectations. Since then the Sea Chest has gone on proving its durability in the harsh subsea environment, ordered repeatedly by this customer and by many others working offshore. To view the Sealed Enclosures Website please click on the link

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Project details
  • Key Features: Pressure resistant enclosures. Durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Date: 2003