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The ‘No Speed Box’

This one is easiest to explain with a short movie clip, to view please click above.

The gearbox was designed as part of a college project. The Lecturer said “it wouldn’t work” well, then it had to be done! The achievments are that the output speed can be continuously varied, also when the output speed is decreased the torque increases. Ultimately it is possible to reduce the output speed to zero, this has the very useful advantage of serving as a clutch.

The gearbox is capable of transmiting a respectable amount of torque however, for commercial sucess the gearbox would probably have to run at higher speeds than are currently possible. Weight reduction would also be a priority. Optimising this transmission would be a good project wihin a Technical College or a company the needs a mechanical transmission with the unique features of the ‘No Speed Box’

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Project details
  • Key Features: Infinitley variable output speed with a clutch capability
  • Date: 1985